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Golf Push Carts

Do you enjoy walking while playing golf, but carrying your bag around for an entire round tires you out? If so, then a golf push cart is just what you need.

Carrying a golf bag for 18 holes can expend a great deal of energy. Just like in any other sport, the more energy you have the better you will perform. If you use up all of your energy hauling your golf bag up and down hills all day, how will you ever be able to hit your best shot when the time comes?

Studies have shown that golfers using push carts averaged five fewer strokes per round than those carrying a bag. Professional golfers are expected to perform at the highest level and you don't see any of them lugging their staff bags around while playing their rounds.

If you are a golf cart rider and are looking to save money, using a golf push cart can be the answer you are looking for. By using a push cart or electric push golf cart, you will save yourself from having to pay cart rental fees. After just a few round of using a push cart instead of a golf cart your golf push cart will pay for itself.

Two Wheel Pull Carts

These older style pull carts are usually cheaper than the newer versions with three wheels. The 2 wheel carts are meant to be pulled behind you as you walk. Many of these carts come with scorecard holder with built-in tee and ball holder. Other features can include adjustable handles to fit golfers of all heights, folding mechanism that allows the cart to be folded to store easily in a trunk, etc. Other accessories can be purchased that are made specifically for pull carts. These can include drink holder, cooler, umbrella holder, rain canopy, etc. Some of the top brands include Bag Boy, Stowamatic, ZTech, and Sun Mountain.

Three Wheel Push Carts

Pushing your golf clubs rather than pulling them seems to be the preferred method of many these days. The reason may be that many say they experience shoulder and back soreness from pulling the cart with their arm dragging behind them. A 3 wheel golf push cart allows you to push your clubs out in front of you, which makes the cart easier to maneuver than when pulling the cart from behind you.

The basic structure of the push carts seems to be more durable than the most of the golf pull carts while still being very light weight. These carts are equipped with a braking system, which slows them down and allows you to keep them from getting away from you when going downhill. Although some push carts come with inflatable tires that many say are a hassle to re-inflate, most companies have upgraded their new models with maintenance-free airless tires. Many of these carts also come with more built-in accessories such as a beverage holder or valuables pouch. Similar to pull carts the newer golf push carts easily collapse down to become very compact and store easily in your car. The price of these carts is higher, but most say that the cost is well worth it. Some of the top brands include ClicGear, Bag Boy, Sun Mountain, and Tour Trek.

Four Wheel Push Carts

Possibly the next generation of golf push carts is the 4 wheel push pull cart. The newest models to hit the market include the Sun Mountain 2009 Micro Cart and the Upright Caddy 4 wheel RACR being two of the few 4 wheel models available. These carts carry your bag in a more upright position, which makes club retrieval easier. Their 4 wheel design and low center of gravity keeps your bag stable on all types of terrain. One of the main benefits being pushed by its manufacturers is that because the carts hold the bag upright there is less damage cause to the grips of your golf clubs from removing and replacing the clubs in the bag. Just as the pull and push carts these carts also fold up for easy storage.

Golf Push Carts