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Walking during your round using a golf bag cart is good for your health, the course's health, the game's health.

The United States Golf Association believes everyone should be walking the golf course. Riding in a golf cart has become the norm for many weekend golfers, but there are several reasons why you should try those legs out again.

The main reason is the fact that golf carts damage fairways. Depending on who’s driving the cart they can damage rough, areas around sand traps, and around the greens. When carts were first introduced, golfers were accustomed to playing on fairways that were as likely to be hardpan as grass, so this wasn't such a big deal. Today, advances in agronomy and turf grass management have introduced a variety of grasses to areas where in the past they weren't able to grow. Courses are in better shape than ever, but as a result, many of these turfs are more responsive to wear and tear. Driving a cart over these grasses creates far more wear and tear than walking on them or pulling a golf bag cart over those grasses. This is one reason why many courses post the 90-degree rule for riding carts on a permanent basis. Riding carts are often not allowed off the cart paths following periods of rain and some courses no longer allow riding carts on the fairways at all. Therefore, you can see why walking a golf course with a golf bag cart is a good for the sake of the course itself. It saves wear-and-tear and damage to sensitive areas, which creates a better golfing environment.

When playing with partners, walking a course is often faster than riding in a golf cart. One of the major reasons golf carts were introduced was to allow more players onto a course at the same time. Golf carts do that by speeding the time it takes a group on the No. 1 tee to reach its first shots of the day, shortening the gap between tee times. However, over the course of 18 holes, a foursome sharing two carts wastes a huge amount of time driving from one rider's ball to the other rider's ball. Walkers, on the other hand, each walk directly to their own ball and spend less time chatting in a cart before actually hitting the next shot. A walker can use the time spent walking to his or her ball to think about their next shot and to think about club selection.

Protecting the Course and Speed Up Game

Electric golf bag carts weigh significantly less than full-size riding carts and therefore have less damaging impact on the fairways, especially in wet conditions. A motorized golf cart can be moved straight from one point on the golf course to the next without leaving track marks. In addition, with the remote controlled model there is no need to have to walk back to retrieve your cart from the front of the green. You simply steer by remote control to the next tee and save time and energy.

An electric or manual golf bag cart such as a Clicgear golf push cart also makes economic sense! Considering the savings for rental fees for riding carts which average between $15-20 per round, your investment will be made up in less than one season for an average golfer. After that, the rental fee annual savings can be invested in new equipment, golf travel or is just cash in your pocket!

Preserving the Tradition of the Game

In 1995, the USGA created the Walking Member program to promote one of the traditions of the game of golf. While each individual player has his or her own circumstances to consider when deciding whether to walk or ride, the Program's message is to encourage Members, who are able, to walk. 

In summary, using a golf bag cart will help you save your energy for the game, prevent strain and fatigue, fine tune your rhythm of play and feel for the course, improve your health and general fitness, increase fun and companionship, preserve tradition and ultimately improve your handicap, all at a very reasonable cost with a one season pay-back time!

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